NCOR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to advancing conversations on "race" and ethnicity in society.

Welcome to the National Conversation on Race

We live in a moment in America where our politics is increasingly defined by race and ideas about race relations. However, what is race? What is ethnicity? How do social constructs reflect biological differences, and to what extent can any race actually be identified as a stable classification? These are issue we hope to explore, while opening the discussion to a wider and wider audience. Join us in this national conversation.

We are building!

We are building a community, a discussion space, and a set of ideas that we hope can forward the discussion of race in America in a respectful, productive and enlightening manner. Stay tuned as we continue to add not only to this site, but to the conversation.

About Us

National Conversation on Race (NCOR) is an organization of anthropologists, media professionals, and sociologists, that provides safe spaces to discuss the social implications of race and ethnicity, develops and advocates pathways for democratic participation and leadership at all levels of society, and provides empowerment tools and services for communities.

NCOR is committed to the following:


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