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Irony of Ironies: A Minnesota Death of an Australian White Woman


The concern about the death of the Australian woman at the hands of police is legitimate. Of course reasonable people will ask why didn’t the female ex-candidate Bachman protest the deaths of Tamir Rice, a 12 year old in Cleveland, the unarmed black man shot in the back in Charleston, the unarmed black man shot in Ohio, et etc. ad nauseum over the last 100+ years (including lynchings, murders)? Instead she calls the African, specifically Somali American an affirmative action hire. He has a college degree. Let us examine the number of white police officers with only a high school diplomas in various big cities.
There is an irony. Australians are outraged. Although a so-called frontier society conservative leadership changed gun laws after a mass murder in Tasmania some years ago. Many speak admiringly of the gun policy of Australia after the tragedy. A white woman has been killed by a startled policeman in the US.
Tasmania. The story. Mass murder by an intellectually disabled man within the last 30 years. New gun laws. All good.
Tasmania the irony. The indigenous Tasmanians were hunted and killed by guns, hunted to extinction, never mind the few people today of primarily European descent who have a drop of Tasmanian blood—women raped (?) coerced (?) (by circumstances—by powerful men—I can think of other women in these circumstances who bore children—where were their guns?). The Tasmanians suffered genocide. Gun laws go into place after the murder of small number of whites. Australians are outraged about a death in Minnesota. Interesting.
Tasmanians were the victims of genocide. Killed by guns. Their murderers were not intellectually disabled. I don’t know if they were policemen.
Let us remember.
A Critical Republican, a Harriet Tubman-Fredrick Douglass Republican