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Our Black Teachers Matter


“Black Teachers Matter,” a Mother Jones article, chronicles a dire situation in Philadelphia that is being repeated throughout the country, whereby forces that remain difficult to identify conspire to diminish the academic horizons of our young people. Using the rubric of improving academic options for families that have few other choices, the Charter School movement has proven to be a Trojan Horse which is devastating education.

This article takes the reader through a devastating series of pieces of a puzzle to an unfolding drama that seems ominously like what has been experienced in past decades. Specifically, it typifies how systems that purport to be concerned about our children are in actuality devising clever schemes to eliminate dedicated and skilled African American teachers who love our children. This same en masse elimination of highly competent educators took place with fury following the first attempts at desegregation. As educators are the backbone of many of our communities, what is being shown here is that another battle is being waged with the intent of not only eliminating educators but also removing an economic pillar of communities when a significant portion of the Black Middle Class is neutralized and removed. Those of us concerned about the future of our communities must have the courage to fully comprehend and oppose the macro planning at play when the education of our children is being undermined with such precision and intent.

By Jawara

NCOR’s comments: Turn your immediate attention to the critical issues raised in “Black Teachers Matter” by Kristina Rizga (Mother Jones, Sept-Oct 2017). We invite you to respond and share your suggestions for addressing this pressing issue.