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White on White Crime: An Epidemic?


(These are actual recent news events.)

What would the news look like if the news media reported crimes committed by white people in the same way they currently report crimes committed by black people?

Two white parents, Kevin Fowler and Aisling Miller, have been arrested for what doctors and police in Oklahoma say was “the worst case of child abuse they had seen.” The arrest reports allege investigators interviewed Fowler and Miller, who said they were “new parents” and not accustomed to caring for babies.

In another example of white on white crime, five white Alaska teenagers, three of them minors, have been arrested in connection with the murder of a white friend allegedly because he smoked their pot. One of the minor teens, 16-year-old Erick Almandinger, has allegedly confessed and will be tried as an adult for the murder of David Grunwald, a 16 year-old white teenager from Palmer, Alaska.

A white pastor upset about his impending divorce killed his 27 year-old daughter and then himself. Fifty-six year-old Christian pastor Daniel Randall was found on the porch of his family home in Hebron, Maine and his daughter’s body was found in the bathroom. Hebron is a small community that is 93.9% white, according to the 2012 U.S. Census.

Arielle Natoshia Woolley, a white, 20-year old Redding, California woman, has pled no contest to felony child abuse after throwing her four-month old son onto a hardwood floor. Woolley will serve a four-year sentence, having made the plea in order to avoid longer jail time.

A white Ohio man has pled no contest and has been found guilty of charges of aggravated arson, felonious assault and possession of criminal tools after dousing his white girlfriend with gasoline and setting her on fire. Michael Slager will receive an 11-year sentence and may face additional charges.

These are among several recent incidents of white on white crime and child abuse by white parents.

Is the white community doing enough to safeguard its own population from the dangers it brings upon itself? Are there none who will speak up when whites commit crimes against themselves? Are responsible whites doing enough to monitor and report the actions of whites who commit or who may commit acts of violence against other whites?

Where are the responsible white parents who will set an example for other whites who continue to have children even though they cannot be expected to be concerned, responsible parents? Will whites continue to have children without learning to be responsible, conscientious parents? 

Will the white community begin to look out for itself? Can it expect the rest of us to do the job for them when so many of them don’t seem to care about the safety and well-being of their own children or fellow members of their own race?

This hypothetical analysis is written by Rick Allen.